How the Station Way came about

Under the motto “The truth should be proclaimed”, the Anabaptist Year was celebrated in the Emmental in 2007 with the goal of openly speaking about a dark chapter in Bernese and Swiss history.

In Bern, there was an impressive reconciliation service in the minster, a series of lectures at the faculty of theology on the subject, as well as many other events. All the bad that had taken place was spelled out and the many steps towards each other ended in the common path of reconciliation and forgiveness. Today, in the travel guide to the sites of Anabaptist history under the picture of the Bernese minster is written “The Bern Cathedral: Place of Reconciliation”.

As a result of these events it was suggested by various parties that a lasting mark of remembrance should be set up in Bern.

Now, 500 years after the Reformation, the time has come: The Mennonite community of Bern and the Minster parish commissioned Swisscovery GmbH to develop a route commemorating the Anabaptist history in Bern. Thereby, those interested now have the possibility, via the successful agency of the Foxtrails, to immerse themselves with all the sensees in the history of the Anabaptists.

The Stations way commemorates what has happened, but goes on and makes the reconciliation visible. Taken as a whole, the path should serve as a memorial and impetus that faith must be respected as free and inviolable.

On August 24, 2018, the official way was officially opened.

The Patronage committee

The members of the Patronage Committee support the concerns of the Stations Way aidea and, as ambassadors, make a significant contribution to a broad political and social anchorage – thank you very, very much!

  • Alec von Graffenried, Bern city president
  • Christoph Neuhaus, Governing council of the Canton of Bern
  • Andreas Zeller, President of the Synod
  • Hanspeter Jecker, Director of the Department for History and Theology of Anabaptism
  • Beat Allemand, Pastor of the Bern Minster
  • Katharina Zimmermann, Author
  • Peter von Gunten, Film maker