The Faith of the Anabaptists

Anabaptism is an ecclesiastical-religious renewal movement that emerged during the Reformation in the 16th century. Anabaptists were opposed throughout Europe as heretics and rebels by the “Old Believers”, the Catholics, and the “New Believers”, the Protestants.
Anabaptists stood for:

  • Freedom of faith and church membership (e.g., no compulsory baptism of infants, but voluntary baptism of mature adults).
  • • Alternative ways of dealing with injustice and violence (e.g., forgiveness, love of neighbour and enemy instead of unrestrained egoism, retribution and military service).
Swiss Anabaptism originated in Zurich in January, 1525. Already in November, 1525 the first Anabaptists appeared in Berne. From 1527 executions were also carried out here.

My convictions

Among other things, Anabaptists understand baptism as an open declaration of their faith. At the same time, baptism is an activity that the believer lets happen to him. In this something occurs that is greater than words and statements of faith can express.

  • Which life-sustaining beliefs would you commit yourself to?
  • Do you belong to some sort of community? How does this affiliation affect you?
  • How do you experience the relationship of ritual and meaning?